Bennett Onsager’s experience in Sculpture started in high school when he
took a welding class. Learning how to weld was the closest thing to a religious experience for him; it brought together physics, mathematics, thermodynamics, and chemistry in one instant. He went onto study at the College of Santa Fe where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture with a minor in Moving Optical Video (film) in 2009. In college a professor gave him two 25 lbs. bags
of porcelain clay with a note that read, “Make your senior piece in this”. At that time, Bennett’s world was exponentially changed.

Bennett has the need to explain why certain materials are used in his work. Exploring the reasons why certain materials are used, such as ceramic and metal, he can therefore focus on the human figure using elements of abstraction to communicate his themes.

Now Bennett finds himself working in an art studio located at the Dry
Ice Factory Building in downtown Denver, CO. There he is creating
works about the human experience using ceramic sculpture. Bennett is
excited to complete this new series by mid 2015.

2009BFA Sculpture College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Moving Image Arts (Film) Minor
Internship: Desinty Allison (professional artist specializing in metal sculpture) Santa Fe, NM
2014March, Edge Gallery, Denver, CO
Solo Exhibitions
2015Edge Gallery "Integrated Extremities" Denver, CO
2014Edge Gallery "Re Connected" Denver, CO
Juried Exhibitions
2015September, Denver Modernism Show, Denver, CO
September, Louisville Colorado Art Association National Juried Show, Louisville, CO - Technical Achievement Award
2014May, Western Colorado Center for the Arts “Cotemporary Clay 2014,” Grand Junction, CO
January, Edge Gallery “On Edge Art Show,” Denver CO
2012Spark Gallery “Guilty Pleasures,” Denver, CO
2011Pathways Gallery “Time and Evolution,” Denver, CO
2010Sync Gallery “Spring Annual Show,” Denver, CO
2009College of Santa Fe, “We’re Not Dead Yet,” Santa Fe, NM
2008March, College of Santa Fe “Art Machine,” Santa Fe, NM
October, Institute of American Indian Arts “Biannual IAIA/CSF Convergent Art Show III,” Santa Fe, NM
2007College of Santa Fe College of Santa Fe 2007 Spring Art Show -Best Sculpture Award
2006Institute of American Indian Arts “Biannual IAIA/CSF Convergent Art Show II,” Santa Fe, NM -3rd Place Award
Invitational Exhibitions
2014Edge Gallery "Gala," Denver, CO
2013February, Love Gallery "Love Show: Curated by Tracey Tomko," Denver, CO
July, Nodo Urban Garden Supply "Final Friday Event," Denver, CO
May, Trace Gallery "Nature Inside-Nature" Denver, CO
2009Private Collections Art Gallery "Off the Record" Santa Fe, NM
Curator of the Following Exhibits
2015July, Edge Gallery "States of Transition: 2015 Member Show," Denver, CO
2009College of Santa Fe Spring Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Show "Look Closer," Santa Fe, NM - Co-curator
2008College of Santa Fe, "Fist Full of Art: Open Show," Santa Fe, NM - Co-creator
SkillsHand-built ceramic sculpture and ceramic glaze application; mold manufacturing.
Metal fabrication: steel, stainless steel, bronze; metal casting; metal smithing.
Welding: oxygen-fuel welding/ cutting, MGAW welding; plasma cutting.
C.N.C cutting processes; Laser engraving.
Film: film directing, film writing, film production, set building, set welding.

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