My subject is the “human experience” in the modern age, expressed through the use of the human body, wires, and circuitry designs as a reference to the digital era. My work breaks these themes into a visual language. Humanity is simplified into its most human parts: hands, feet, mouths, eyes, and noses; the digital era is broken down to conduit tubing, wires, and circuitry line-work. These are recombined into compositions that tell visceral and personal stories.

When people see a body in the correct order (a complete portrait), the psychological response is to identify with what they are seeing as someone else. But when people see just a hand or a foot, they have a different personal experience with the subject matter. It is theorized that this phenomenon occurs because when people see a specific body part like a hand or a foot without a face to give the subject context, people think that the hand or foot might be their hand or foot on an empathetic level. To convey this phenomenon sculpturally, my work is limited to these specific body parts.

Wires and circuitry are important in my artwork. It gives my subject a context of the time and era that we are in.

My sculptures are built using two different materials. My stonework fulfills my need to be a reductionist. It also represents the earliest known separation in our species evolution. It is commonly known that a variety of other species have been witnessed to make tools; however, at this point, humans are the only species that make chipped stone tools. The second material used to construct my artwork is clay, which is finished in the firing process. There is a deep human connection to clay and fire. Since the dawn of civilization, ceramics has been a testament to technical mastery and is considered one of the oldest known sculptural materials. The ability to take clay/the earth, heat it to thousands of degrees so that it becomes a vitrified form of silica is incredible because it will last eons. These old technical masteries are conjoined with our modern mastery of our digital technology.












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